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B-scan Ultrasonography Of Eye Pdf Download

b-scan ultrasonography of eye pdf download


B-scan Ultrasonography Of Eye Pdf Download >


















































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Calcific choroidal tumors are easily differentiated and detected with B-scan. The optic nerve shadow is seen at the bottom of the right side of the scan, with the macula just above. However, in longitudinal scanning, the probe face is rotated so that it is perpendicular to the limbus, with the marker directed toward the limbus, or toward the area of interest, regardless of the clock hour being examined. Knowing the orientation of the marker at all times is extremely important because it represents the upper portion of the echogram. On ultrasound, these nodules are highly reflective and exist at or within the optic nerve head. B-scan reveals multiple hyperreflective mobile foci within the vitreous chamber that show after-movements on a dynamic scan. This is also a vertical scan through the macula, so the optic nerve is not seen.


The echographic pattern of a vitreous hemorrhage depends on its age and severity. 4(1):31-7. This is a longitudinal scan, which is necessary to display the tear due to the radial direction of the flap. The slice will now cut through the nerve vertically with the 12-o'clock position at the top on the right and the 6-o'clock position at the bottom in either the right or left eye. The calcium deposits, seen as highly reflective foci, are pathognomonic. A similar mass (M) is seen in the right eye (B). By sweeping back-and-forth, limbus-to-fornix, in each transverse meridian, several clock hours are being examined not only at once but also from the posterior pole out to the anterior portion of the globe. In contrast to a glioma, this neoplastic process typically has a medium-to-high, irregular internal reflectivity with possible areas of calcification. When the probe is aimed at an oblique clock hour, such as 10:30 or 5:00, the marker should be oriented in the superior portion of the oblique angle. The optic nerve shadow is seen at the bottom of the right side of the scan, with the macula just above.


By convention, if the meridian desired is located above midline, the marker should be directed toward that meridian. This 60-year-old woman with diabetes mellitus had vitreous degeneration in the right eye. Asteroid hyalosis. The nerve shadow will now shift upward slightly, and the macula will be centered to the right of the echogram, with the posterior lens surface centered to the left. However, if the pathology is located in the far periphery, the probe will need to be shifted farther into the fornix to achieve adequate centration.


Therefore, B-scan should be performed on the open eye unless the patient is a small child or has an open wound. Your browser doesn't accept cookies. St. Echographically, these tumors usually have an irregular lumpy contour, an irregular internal structure, a medium-to-high internal reflectivity, and little evidence of internal vascularity. A ciliary body detachment can extend into the peripheral choroid and can be seen on contact B-scan, although it is displayed best on high-resolution scanning. Because the slice is vertical through the visual axis, the optic nerve shadow is not displayed. f9488a8cf8

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